Mindfulness and peace

People may struggle to find peace but it should be know that peace exists within is. Pleasure is often times seen as a way to satisfy desires and bring this peace,but violence may often be pursued instead as a way to achieve this peace. The two methods of achieving peace are different but the motive is the same. Internal conflicts are often the source of this aggravation,but it is important to realize that our thoughts are not always representative of reality. When we look into ourselves we can find better ways to cope with ourselves and experience reality the way it is really meant to be experienced. To solve most of our problems it is simply a matter of looking inward instead of outward. A good course in MBSR can often help and guide your way to inner peace. Mindfulness is the process of bringing awareness to the mental experiences and processes that generate our reality. We can slow down our racing thoughts,and we can can calm negativity through the simple practice of being mindful. When one is fully present we can begin to gain control of ourselves and come back to the inner peace that we all desire. One method is to simply breath and bring attention to the breath whenever the mind wanders.

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